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Turkey hgs balance loading

 HGS system, many problems since the day it was established unfair penalties, one of the biggest examples of this is the payment of fees in the passage of foreign vehicles Hgs pass does not belong to any registration Highway and bridge crossings are using free of charge. He even made erroneous transitions and was able to return to their countries without paying any fines. Drivers using highway and bridge crossings were rebelling in this matter. The state decided to take concrete steps after a long ongoing study on this issue.

In order to prevent this, the customs authorities decided to pay the fees of the HGS passages of vehicles with foreign license plates and vehicles with foreign license plates. In 2013 alone, 75 million pounds were damaged In an average period of 4 years, any sanctions for this type of vehicles could not be charged millions of pounds. These vehicles are detected by customs officers and highway police and make transactions. In this way, foreign vehicles are required to pay the required amount in HGS passages and there is no legal issue. If the foreign license plate vehicles do not pay when they return to their country, they go to the criminal embassies and they are notified that a vehicle coming from Germany does not pay HGS debt and they are forced to pay in their country and the amount of HGS from this person is being educated. In the beginning of the year began to be implemented in a state that no longer HGS fees and education in a state that does not damage this issue. In addition, labor is being made to ensure that the rights of customs workers and highway policemen are equal to Europe, and a law is enacted in this matter, and customs workers will be allowed to wait for vehicles coming from abroad and prevent the delivery of the vehicles to the owners without receiving the HGS fee.

Now, with the help of these rules, HGS will pay sanctions for foreigners who do not pay their fees, and the rights of people who pass in paid way will not come.

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