Why are Private Investigators Called Private Investigators?

Posted by hgsba on April 14, 2018

The phrase private in private examiner throws a lot of men and women off. Most people suppose private means we conceal in the bushes and sneak around. That might be true but, which is not why we are called private investigators. Private investigation Singapore

Private investigators are called such because we work for the “private sector”. Meaning we help private citizens or businesses that hire us for your investigation. Law enforcement and government officials are called public officers. A cop is a general public investigator because he provides everyone equally and is paid by the govt. 

Why do people need us? Well, public representatives are not as good as people who are paid to check into. Private detectives have the ability to specialize in one specific niche market of investigation, becoming highly experienced.

Let’s use the example of an absent person investigation. The local cops and FBI might get involved but what about the other situations they are currently working? You see, resources eventually be used up. Once all leads are exhausted and a few days pass by the public servants that were working the case become tired. A new circumstance arrives and so they wisk away to that case.

A private investigator can spend his full attention and resources to your specific case. A PI on a missing person circumstance can draw a great deal of resources gather great evidence and specific facts. PI’s are much less intimidating than the regulation so people will give out information that they were afraid to offer to the police. A PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY has powerful resources in the toolbox and working together with police could greatly improve the likelihood of finding that loved one.

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