When to Choose VPS Hosting

Posted by hgsba on April 27, 2018

You will discover different types of hosting nowadays – shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting are most known one. Here is info aimed to help you choose best suited hosting type for your business. digitalocean coupon

Distributed hosting is good for users which don’t have particularly needs, who usually use standard technologies and don’t have many visitors on its server daily (less than 3000 is obviously OK). But if you use some especial technology which usually isn’t backed by shared hosting providers, you have to choose VPS or dedicated storage space. 

VPS and dedicated, whatever people say, are quite similar. When one work with them, he probably don’t see difference. The only frequently obvious big difference is that with some VPS technologies you are not able to change the kernel of its operating system.

A few VPS hosting could be even faster than dedicated hosting. Quality VPS hosting providers puts up to 16 users on one physical computer. That computer could be much faster than average dedicated hardware (with dual and quad processors/cores nowadays, probably with 8 or 16 processors/cores in future). It could be four to eight time more computation power than cheap dedicated server. Using that data it seems you will definitely get 1/2 to 1/16 of computation power of dedicated server. But, in practice if your VPS company don’t do overselling of their physical nodes it might be better, since most users won’t use a lot of their computation electricity. Also, other users will have peak in consumption, but everything that would allow your VPS more calculation resources when needed, so in practice you are able to achieve almost same performances as with dedicated server. But, avoid forget that some VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER hosting providers do overselling and they use cheap servers as physical nodes (as fast as bad dedicated servers) and put many (approx. 50 or 100) users on one physical computer and activities get degraded.

To determine, if shared hosting no longer suit the needs you have because you require special software, faster response or more computation ability, very first thing one should consider is VPS hosting. In the event that you are quite certain you need really big computation power (have many users, probably more than 10000 a day) and you have budget – you should go with good dedicated server to accomplish better performances as possible.

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