What is the Difference Between 24k, 18k and 14k Gold Mens Jewelry and Which is the Most Durable?

Posted by hgsba on July 2, 2018

Preferences in earrings vary from man to man, but many men seem to be to prefer chunky charms such as wide or heavy mens gold bracelets. These types of can be in the proper execution of a band or thick cable link cycle of around 17 to 19 grams. Some dense link wristbands and heavy mens gold bracelets have a set surface for engraving. 14k gold chain

Thicker or larger men’s bracelets are typically more expensive, because they are heavier and contain more gold and metals (other metals). The price however, will generally be determined by the chastity of the gold content. A piece of 14k charms will contain just 58. 3% pure yellow metal, compared to an 18 carat piece with 75% natural gold, or a 24k item with 100% yellow metal. 

I shouldn’t generalize, but males are typically harder on earrings than your new chance not to be alone. This is especially so if the person does indeed a lot of physical labouring work, perhaps over a construction site, or maybe in a workshop. That is straightforward to catch anklet bracelets or necklace on something, and either hurt yourself, or damage the charms. One option is to NOT wear earrings when working especially around equipment. The other option is to buy thicker organizations, or heavy mens precious metal bracelets. However, bear in mind, this could pose more of a danger if it fails to break when caught in machinery.

In a situation you wish to purchase stronger, more durable jewelry, then choose a lower karat ranking. This is because real 24k gold is fairly soft and can tag. A 14k bracelet would have more alloys merged with the gold to make it better (and cheaper).

You have probably heard of the conditions white gold and orange gold. This is how other alloys like water piping, nickel, zinc and sterling silver have been added. A 14k heavy mens rare metal bracelet would have just fourteen parts gold to eight regions of other alloys. These types of “other alloys” would give the bracelet added strength and should make it less expensive.

Despite the things i have said, it is important not to be placed off buying gold jewelry. Following all, the value of the metal has was standing the test of time for hundreds of years. It is an extremely stable metal and is not likely to corrode, or fade. Being very soft, it is not hard for a jeweller to work with and create some stunning pieces. For the similar reason, it is sometimes far better to buy gold earrings containing other alloys to provide some extra power.

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