Tips to Install a Fiberglass Pool

Posted by hgsba on October 23, 2018

There are available several options of materials that you can use to build a pool. One of great options that you can consider is called fiberglass. If you are going to install a fiberglass pool, you need to determine the shape and size of the fiberglass you want to install. Fiberglass pool offers you with hours of swimming fun just like when you are swimming on traditional pools. Besides, it also provides several unique perks so that this pool becomes a great choice for any homeowners. At this time, this article is going to give you some important tips to install a fiberglass pool. So, just take a look.  

As the first step, you need to select a leveled site where you can install the pool. It is important to keep the pool close to the access areas of your house. You have to measure the dimensions and then you can contact the dealer of fiberglass pool to order a pool that would be fitted in the designated area.

The second step is to chalk out the boundary of the pool and hen start to dig before the pool arrives. You can use a shovel or rent a back hoe for digging. During the digging process, you need to frequently measure the hole in order to avoid mistakes. Also, you need to make sure that you dig the hole deeper for about three inches than the original measurements of fiberglass pool. You have to fill these three inches with sand in a way to give the proper base for the pool and to level it. fiberglass pools

The third step is to lift the fiberglass by using back hoe after it arrives. By the help of strong ropes or boards, you can place the fiberglass pool in the hole. For marking the desired water level in your pool, you can use a string. After that, you can also add optional holes for lights and automatic pool cleaner which may be installed later on.

The fourth step that you should do is to make proper drainage for the pool. In this step, you need to dig another hole for installing a sump pump. By following the instructions which come with the pump, you will be easier to install it. Finally, you can fill your pool with water up to the mark that you desire and let your pool settle against the soil which surrounds it. You need to wait for at least two days before you can enjoy your new pool.


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