The Zen of Publicity Marketing

Posted by hgsba on June 1, 2018

Promotion marketing has evolved significantly within the last 3 years. The good ole’ boy advertising businesses have found themselves left in the dirt by the newer, trimming edge publicists that use the internet because their promotion marketing canvas. TV, car radio and newspaper articles have become pass? while online viral marketing concepts have completely taken over. On-line publicity marketing offers the instantaneous results that are in demand with a fast paced public and with the economy in the state it’s presently in, clients are able to achieve massive results for a fraction of the price tag on traditional publicity means. Marchés Publics

Traditional publicists will state that a radio interview will create a bunch of exposure for the client during the air time, nevertheless they forget to point out that a great online advertising campaign offers 24/7 and the exposure will deliver unbelievable results like clockwork if performed by seasoned advertising marketing experts. Traditional publicist will believe publicity is merely one part of an overall marketing strategy however the reality is Publicity and Marketing are intertwined and interdependent and must be done by the same organization or the impetus is lost in a lot of bureaucratic obnubilate. 

The simple truth is, publicity and marketing have merged into one single specialization now gave ‘publicity marketing’. Publicity marketing offers the rapid results of direct marketing with the brand exposure of the professional publicist. This procedure uses turnkey solutions with a custom-made client by client approach to deliver results that will support the instantaneous lead technology and website visitation needs of your customer while creating an avalanche of long term, long lasting publicity printing. If you are by using a publicist for branding and an advertising firm for direct response, you may want to consider looking into a fresh and talented breed of publicity marketers, likely to pay a fraction of what you pay traditional publicists and ad organizations and the results will be nearly instant and your message will propagate over state and country lines for a fast expansion that up to now you’ve only thought of.

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