Summer Is the Ideal Time for Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs

Posted by hgsba on July 13, 2018

The moment you’ve settled into the hot dry months of summer, a wet basements could be the furthermost thing from your brain. In the end, there should be normal water in the soil for the moisture to be making its way into your basement, so that you probably don’t currently have messes hanging out down there. But now is in fact the best time to have basement waterproofing repairs done on your home. That is because water-related problems are only going to get worse, not better, meaning putting it off will not do any good. And by getting your basement water proof done now, you’ll be prepared by the time the fall rains or spring snow-melt hits! Marshall

Many of us know when our properties have normal water problems. There is dampness on the basement floor or efflorescence on them. We can see the cracks in the groundwork and smell the tell-tale musty odor of mildew. But that doesn’t indicate we fix them right away. Yet , if you have just learned that your home or commercial space is in need of any type of basis repair and waterproofing, right now–during the summer months–is the ideal time to fix it. 

For starters, since it doesn’t rain as often during the summer, there’s less water penetrating your cellar and so less of a mess to clean up before repairs can start. But there are also many other reasons to have your wet basements problems fixed this summer season:

Grass and yards are less prone to destruction from heavy equipment (often used to excavate for drainage solutions and external surfaces waterproofing) when they’re not waterlogged.

Exterior foundation water resistant design and drainage can be installed more efficiently, since there won’t be rainfall delays. This can help get the project done (and gets your property protected) faster.

Foundation contractors are typically much sought after during rainy months–when homeowners are dealing with immediate issues like cellar flooding–so if your job isn’t an unexpected emergency, you could find yourself waiting and waiting for an expert to become available. By simply scheduling your job for the slower summer several weeks, you’ll avoid this trouble.
Possibly the most compelling reason for growing a base and basement contractor during the summer months is the fact it can save you a great deal of headaches down the line. With your basis repaired or a People from france drain system installed, you can help stop destruction in its tracks. Mildew needs moisture to develop, so by having your basement waterproofing system put in while the garden soil surrounding your house is dry, you can effectively prevent mold growth (and the costly damage it can cause).

But that is not all. With problems like foundation cracks, these fissures often get bigger with time. One of the primary ways they expand is actually through water infiltration: Water goes trhough the cracks, then interrupts and expands. Over time, this method can turn a tiny crack into a dangerously big one. Nevertheless by opting for base crack repair in the summer, you can safely and securely seal up those breaks before the cooler weather makes the freezing and thawing cycle a risk to your property.

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