Steampunk Jewelry – A Present From the Past

Posted by hgsba on June 11, 2018

The field of Steampunk is beginning to emerge into the mainstream from the many, underground circles where they have long been a well taken care of secret.

Steampunk fashion is now appearing on the catwalks and beginning to catch the eye of the media and it will be interesting to see if the complete movement will evolve or whether its followers will forsake it once it hits the high streets.

There is a whole lot to Steampunk, from vintage catalogs of Jules Verne and HG Wells to the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” Graphic Novels of Joe Moore, art, role participating in games, clothes, but for me its Steampunk Rings which i love the most. 

I have been making my own Jewelry for quite some time and possess always been considering classic pieces, the remnants of yesteryear. So when My spouse and i saw that there were a whole new way to reappropriate the past and give it a modern context, via Jewelry – I was in nirvana!

As a main aspect, I’ll buy old wristwatches and timepieces anywhere My spouse and i can see them but the bulk of my materials has come via the Internet. Over the earlier year the cost has been increasing as vendors realize that we have a market for vintage watches (broken at that) and rather than listing “Watches for repair or parts” vehicle rebranding them as “Steampunk” and upping the prices.

My spouse and i wish to take these old timepieces apart and discover the treasures they contain.

Many of the time, you find plastic workings from modern watches, but often when you find a watch that was made pre-sixties, you will find little rubies that are being used as bearings because they are so resilient.

When you look at the operation of such old watches you can simply marvel at the craftsmanship that has absent into thus, making them. It is little wonder that all these intricate pieces have inspired another art form, Horological Collage, which uses watch parts to create pictures. This translates superbly into Steampunk Art and some of my favorite pieces utilise this approach.

Once I use an abounding supply of vintage watch parts to fashion into Steampunk Jewelry, it’s merely a question of finding the best way to reappropriate the cogs and motions and it’s never long before inspiration strikes.

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