Save Money By Decorating Your Wedding Or Party With Balloons Yourself

Posted by hgsba on June 12, 2018

DO IT YOURSELF Wedding Balloons
How to spend less with DIY Go up Decor

Professional Decorating of your wedding day with balloons can certainly be a stunning but expensive extra which may wrap up being cut from your budget.

You don’t have to overlook all the party atmosphere balloons can add.

Although it is not possible to re also create the elaborate accessories a professional may offer you can really save money and create a good effect getting into some basics yourself. Recharging options a good way to entail extra bridesmaids in your planning. Arche gonflable droite


Eleven inches diameter balloons are the most commonly used. You can inflate them to just 10 inches to save on helium if wished. The diameter is throughout the balloon not associated with the guitar to top. 

Try to keep to two or three toning colours which match the rest of your wedding. Silver or ivory team well with other accent colours.

5mm curling ribbon is employed to tie the balloons and comes in lots of colours.

Balloon weights are available but anything can be used to ponder down balloons. Open one of your napkins make it on a sq . of net, fill it with 150 gms of gravel and tie up with some of your curling ribbon. Attach the balloons to this.


Hire a canister of helium. Helium is the most expensive part of balloon decorating and throw away bottles do not contain enough to perform a wedding. Selecting a bottle is quick and easy to do.

You can also need sharp scissors, a tape measure and 15lb fishing line available from tackle and art shops if you are planning on making a basic arch.


To look really good all the balloons need to be the same size. To do this, place two dining chairs back to back a set distance apart and pass each balloon between them. This kind of will likely permit you to keep them however size and looking professional.

Cut lengths of about 1/2 meters curling bows and encorporate it as you tie the guitar neck of the balloon with a tail hanging down. In this way you should not tie it on after and the balloons can be allowed to drift up to the threshold to be collected into bunches after inflation.

Bundles of balloons look best lawn mowers of strange numbers, three, five and seven.

Floating Arches are impressive but surprisingly easy to make. They may be created by tying the higher balloons directly onto a length of 15lb angling line in alternating shades. Wet the line with your finger tips before sliding the balloons along. It prevents the series cutting the latex.

Enable approx 1/2 to 2 hours to make 16 bunches of five balloons and a tiny arch.

Vital that you Remember

Latex balloons will only float for around 16-20 hours depending after their size. The designing must be done on the day of the event and not before so get someone you trust to do this for you.

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