Rank High in Google Without PR & Backlinks

Posted by hgsba on August 17, 2018

What? Ranking in Google search results without page list or backlinks?

Yes! Seems hard but it’s true and you will do this. To know what i mean to say by saying “Rank high in Google without PR or backlinks”, firstly lets understand what actually search results is and what they do. google index download

Basically, search motors index the web web pages available all around the world in their own database related for some keywords or key phrase. At the time you search for the particular phrase or keyword, it will show you the latest results indexed in database and related to that keyword or term. 

Now the condition is here, Key search engines like Yahoo, yahoo, msn are struggling hard to be at the top in portion relevant results to users, and at the other end, internet is growing at the lightning acceleration and thousands of websites and new web web pages are coming on each day, which made search engines difficult to index all the data in their own database.

Thus what the search engine is going to do here?

Google will index only most relavent and unique content in it’s database to reduce the size of data source, and will neglect all spam, duplicate and not much of important content from Google’s index. To check my word just visit the Google and hunt for any keyword. Permit us take an example and search for “SEO Tips” in Google without double quotes.

Here you will see items like Results 1 – 90 of about 13, five-hundred, 000 for seo tips”, ( I have kept 100 results per webpage within my Google search preference), now begin to see the magic, when you goes to the page number 10 of this search result, it should show results 901-1000, but it is not so, the desired info is ” Benefits 901 – 975 of about 13, 700, 500 for seo tips”, so where is all that 13, 700. 000 results?

Here Google has listed only 975 results away of 13 million results out there on internet. Google thinks that only these 975 pages are relevant to search term “seo tips” and left over are duplicate, spam or less useful content.

Let us return to the first web page of search results. (use mozilla firefox browser with seoquake plugin installed and activated), SEO quake tool will reveal all seo data of search results including Google PR. You can see that many search results has 0 or 1 Google pr but still ahead of those having higher Google PAGE RANK. That’s the thing i was speaking about.

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