Prescription Drug Addiction – How it Almost Caused My Death – My Chemical “Rape”

Posted by hgsba on July 30, 2018

It began in 2001 after a back injury at work…It commenced with ONE tablet. Little did I recognise then that it’d grow to bewith my close to death on may additionally 10, 2008. ativan detox

It was the end of April of 2007. I wasn’t feeling like myself in any respect. I had come to be a zombie. i was incontinent and in diapers for an entire year, too susceptible to stroll and so i used to be put into a wheelchair to get around. My globalgotten smaller all the way down to match best myself and my many bottles of prescribed drugs. I lost nearly all powers of human reasoning and ideadespite the fact that I had been a born again believer for manymany years, I simply wasn’t feeling His presence in my existence any further. It turned into afterward that I realized why. I had morphed into An Addict. 

My “god” had grow to be my pills; they had been #1 in my lifestyles at that time…for 7 long years…taking the spot that Jesus as soon as had. those little demons intended the whole lot to me. My global became just me and those disgusting “tablets“. no longer did my loving husband and children remembernot because I willfully forged them out, however due to the fact the drugs take over your very soul and forged out each person and the whole thing that topics in yourlifestylesthat is exactly what they did to me.

I had 2 medical doctors in 1 (one) exercise who prescribed a deadly mixture of vicodin, norco, soma, oxycontin, morphine, methodone, percocet, fentanyl patches, fentanyl, ativan, trazodone, lyrica, and a few others. The commands to me, unquestioned by means of my pharmacy, were to take ALL of those pills togetherwould not this activate a “crimson Flag” to you? should not it? via the way, my “trusty” own family doctor referred me to this pain hospital for ongoing care after some initial visits after my injury. He had given me my unique “load” of hydrocodone and valium for painto begin me off on a adventure that allowed me to revel in hell close to the cease of a totally risky avenue closer to death. Now I remember that I had to enjoy hell that allows you to locate my way again home and to heaven one day. I had the “ruby slippers” the whole time, but, like “Dorothy”, I simply did not recognize all I had to do become to click on my heels threeinstances.

i was hearing things that were not being saidi was seeing things that were not there. Frightful Terror had hit me. I couldn’t eatthe entirety tasted like raw “roadkill”…like “dying“. I could not even drink water as it tasted like what I perceived as “vintage blood”. My coronary heart become beating so tough that I just “knew” it might explode. i was up for days due to the fact lying down could best pressure more awareness on my pounding heart. My tongue had a hairy blue appearance that even alarmed my commonly calm husband. every pore in my body reeked a “chemical” bird smell. I felt rats, that were not there, crawling over every floor of my frame…even underneath my clothes. The diarrhea becomeconsistentunending, and painful…each 5 to ten minutes. I felt like I had to vomit however couldn’t….I just savedsalivating as though i was about to throw up…in my chest, it felt like a warm flaming hearth was raging. I didn’tcomprehend it become an overload of drugs and that i used to be in withdrawal. I knew i used to be loss of life and storedannouncing to myself, “do I just lay down and anticipate death?” “How do I die?” “I can’t even lay down on my bed to die…i’m too unwell“. The anxietythe concern! The hallucinations! The restlessness! I felt forthcoming death! All I keptscreaming to my husband turned into “help me! help me! i am poisonous“. I notion it was some thing i was ingesting but i was unable to eat. What turned into it??? I idea of the whole lotexcept for..the pills

God had spoken to me…quite profoundly. I KNEW His Voice. He says, “My sheep hear My Voice”. What did He say to me? He said, “you’ve got one greater dangeryou have got one more dangeryou have one more chance.” sure, He said it 3 times. I knew what He intended however i used to be oblivious to the reality (for the instant) that He turned into referring to my “dependancy“. He (God) introduced my oldest daughter to me at my weakest, maximum wondering hour. She savedcalling me, lovingly telling me that it became all from prescription drug addiction & that i’m able to get past this. She advised me that the drugs had taken their toll in my body and i was in withdrawal. She labored tirelessly with me searching for somewhere that I may want to visit adequately detox and give up the dependancy and shop my lifestyles. My daughter had long past via a critical dependancy herself, with Actiq (Fentanyl pops), and knew precisely what changed into going on to me. She nearly died as properly. The symptoms and signs had been all too familiar to her. God introduced her to me, as my angel in hideto give me that “one greater threat” that I wanted…the prognosis of what i wasgoing thru. As I write this, the tears are pouring down my face…for the way God labored in my lifestyles at some point ofthat time and has worked in my lifestyles due to the fact that then, AND for my daughter’s unconditional and endless love & perseverance, AND additionally for the limitless millions who’ve died and are death of prescription drug dependancyimposed on them by using their depended on physicians who have taken a solemn oath to “do no harm“.

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