Massage Tables – What to Consider Before Buying a Portable Massage Table

Posted by hgsba on August 18, 2018

Right now there hundreds of lightweight rub tables on the market today. With the inflow of inexpensive Chinese imports and other tables, it has become an frustrating task to decide on the right table. In this article are the key things to consider before you make your buying decision. Massage studio

1 ) Table Thickness:

Many people think they should purchase the largest table available, but there are several factors to consider when selecting the width of your stand. Ease of access, comfort for your client, comfort for you as the therapist, and portability are things that need to be considered when creating your purchasing decision. 

Generally, the narrower massage tables will give you the most gain access to your clients, as well as greater transportability. Wider tables do give you a larger work surface and increased comfort for your client. However, if your table is too extensive, you could have difficulty reaching your client effectively. This can become tiresome and difficult on your body during time.

For most standard wellness massage choose a 29″ – 30″ thickness depending on your size and the size of your clients. Most desks come in a normal size; however Oakworks, Earthlite and Stronglite do offer dining tables in various available sizes. These tables are custom made to order, have numerous options and are typically a little more expensive.

Finally, as the width of the therapeutic massage table increases so will the weight. If you intend to travel and still require a large table, consider investing in a rub table cart to help in portability.

2. Table Level:

The standard height range on most tables is around 24″ – 34″ and will serve the bulk of most experts who perform various therapeutic massage modalities, facials, physical remedy, acupuncture and other restorative services. Most of the time, the elevation range should be structured on the height of the practitioner.

As a rule of thumb, your table should come no higher than your hip joint. You’ll probably want a height a little lower than this to provide room for the peak of the body on the table. In case you are exceptionally tall or brief, you may want to consider a table that has various available elevation ranges. Again, Oakworks, Earthlite and Stronglite do offer tables in various available height ranges. These furniture are tailor made to order, have numerous options and are typically a tad bit more expensive.

3. Padding Thickness:

Whilst considering the thickness of your foam you should always imagination mind polyurethane foam density. The two of these factors work hand-in-hand in deciding comfort and durability. Since most every massage table comes in a multi-layer froth, the only option kept to consider is the thickness.

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