Incorporating Article Marketing Into Your Email Marketing System

Posted by hgsba on May 15, 2018

I have written about converting traffic before, but right now I want to write about the flip part from it all- actually getting that qualified traffic to your website in the first location to fuel your email marketing system. Following all, it doesn’t subject how high your alteration rate as if you don’t have the appropriate amount of volume browsing your site to meet your business’ needs, right?

One of the most traditional methods of building traffic is through article marketing, which remains one of your most powerful email marketing tools. There is been a lot of writing about this before, but here’s a really good way to begin with your article marketing advertising campaign for your email marketing system. 

Article marketing is very simple, ones own any effective email marketing program. Any person who has read any of my other articles knows that I love to keep things simple, so here’s the most basic way to comprehend this practice.

Basically, you might write articles, and you are going to submit them to article directories…

Generally speaking you want to write articles that are relevant to the niche that you are marketing for, as this is heading to drive qualified and targeted traffic to your website. You will find a lot of people who advocate just writing about anything and everything, but that’s either going to not produce any traffic to your website, or it’s going to drive visitors your website that isn’t really enthusiastic about what you have to give you, and probably will not likely join your email marketing lists.

By writing interesting and informative articles about your niche, you are going to grab people who are targeted to what you are advertising, and who are enthusiastic about plugging in to your email marketing system.

When those articles are written you will definitely submit them to article directories, another of your powerful e-mail marketing tools. There are a lot of different sites out there, and there are 2 different ways you can go about this…

You are able to either send your articles to all of them, or you can submit your article to those who are well trafficked and have a good page ranking. In general, the larger quality the article directory that you post your articles to, the easier time those articles are heading to have ranking well for their keywords in the search engines, therefore the more people who are going to learn them, and the more help they will be for your e-mail marketing program.

So naturally an specific just want people to read your articles- you want them to come to your landing webpage. That’s where your useful resource box comes in to play. Your resource container is a tiny box that appears at the end of your article where you can put information about yourself and links to your website. An individual finds your article, scans it, wants to know more about who you are and what you do, and then they click your link. Basic as that.

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