How To Make BIG Money Teaching Guitar

Posted by hgsba on April 6, 2018

Participating in a hard time making money as an acoustic guitar teacher? Are financial problems in your guitar coaching business holding you again from living a freer lifestyle? Are you negative toward the idea of making a great living by teaching guitar? aula de violao para iniciantes

Fact is, making big money ($100k and above every year) in your acoustic guitar teaching business is a very obtainable goal, although the reality is such that most guitar teachers have not achieved such levels of success. After making very little money in their businesses, over time many guitar teachers commence to doubt their skills to make a living through teaching guitar. 

In order to help you get started toward reaching your financial goals as a guitar teacher, I have to show you why most any guitar teachers have a hard time making money with guitar lessons. After reading the list below, you will be able to avoid the costly faults men and women make while coaching guitar. By knowing what NOT to do as a guitar teacher, you can create much faster progress toward making far more money with guitar lessons.

You do not have a specific strategy that will get you from your current financial situation to making $100k+ with guitar coaching.

Guitar teachers who earn 6 figures or more every year have not built their businesses through ‘luck’. They have achieved their success through investing many hours to test and implement many specific strategies. Unfortunately, most guitar educators do not take the time to create effective systems to grow their guitar teaching businesses. Rather, they simply copy the actual think is working for other teachers in their neighborhood. The demise of this approach is that the other any guitar teachers are almost always in the same exact financial position of making little or no money! If you want to truly earn a good living from teaching music, you must learn from someone who is an extremely successful acoustic guitar teacher and who can show you the proven methods to earn a living in playing the guitar coaching business.

You consider private guitar lessons to be the #1 method for teaching guitar.

It can be true that one on one guitar lessons can be great in some instances; however it is not the case that teaching guitar in this way is the only way to get great results for your students. Additionally, this approach is very constraining to your potential to make far more money coaching guitar. In order to earn A LOT of money in your acoustic guitar teaching business, you need to incorporate one on one lessons with group classes and other unique teaching formats. This will not only make you more money, but actually will also help your guitar students to reach their goals faster than if they were taking one on one lessons only.

You get in the way of your own progress.

When considering of ways to generate profits in their guitar coaching businesses, most guitar instructors usually think about 3 things:

The price of their guitar lessons.
Just how many hours they spend teaching each week.
Just how many guitar students they have.
If these are generally the only 3 factors you are using when thinking of ways to increase your guitar teaching income, you are greatly minimizing your potential for financial growth. These factors are important; nonetheless they are only a tiny part of the main issue when it comes to making money teaching any guitar. The truth is, you can MASSIVELY increase your yearly income from electric guitar teaching without raising the rates of your lessons or teaching more several hours in the week.

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