How To Check Out A Company Offering Paid Surveys For Cash And Avoid A Scam

Posted by hgsba on June 11, 2018

Survey software are an opportunity that appears too good to be true but the simple fact is that you can create surveys online for cash, they really do exist. They not necessarily quite the get wealthy quick opportunity that some would have you believe that nevertheless they are a simply way to make a lttle bit of cash. How then do you find these reputable companies. take surveys for cash review

Firstly you need to understand that to make some respectable cash taking surveys you should have to join a great deal of companies so My spouse and i would recommend by using a listing which already list the companies. Whether you are by using a directory or looking for the companies yourself there are a variety things you can do which should give a good sign as to whether the directory/company is legitimate or not. 

1. Test The Email/Contact Form

Always look for an email address or similar as this shows that if you have problems you will have someone to contact. Once you might have found the address avoid take a look at that, put the address to the test and send a meaning asking a simple question that they should, if legitimate, know the dimensions of the answer to. If you don’t get an answer or the reply is complete absurdity this should set alert bells ringing.

2. Research The Site On Who is. net

Whois. net is a website which contains the details of appropriate from who it is listed to and their address to how long the site has been listed and how long it is registered for. The main thing to check is the amount of time the site has been around and how long it is registered for. A site that has a brief lease on the site either isn’t confident that they are going to stay in business or don’t plan on staying around too much time anyway, either is worrying. You can also if you wish take the name of the individual it is registered to and Google their name but I don’t usually do this as you could get an unacceptable person who just has the same name.

3. Checkout discussion boards

Find some forums and checkout any comments on the company/directory you find. This kind of isn’t as reliable as it should be as forums are often said on by rivals that seek to make certain companies or directories sound bad just so that there is an improved chance you will use them instead. In case you see a brief review just find out if they have other post on the forum and check some out, common sense advises whether they are reputable forum users or not.

4. Find A Personal privacy Policy

In the current climate identity is really worth more that gold and if you aren’t careful with your details then you are asking for trouble. Before joining any companies register make sure they have an insurance plan in place that evidently states your personal information will not be sold on to anyone.

5. Read Some Reviews

Make an effort to find any reviews on the company that look legitimate. A genuine review will be a review stating a companies positives and negatives and so on, a web site that has 3 to 5 “mini reviews”, no content besides making claims like 97% of survey sites are a bad deal should be quickly skipped by as these pages aren’t review sites but sales internet pages and will offer not help you. In reality a good review site may help you save from doing all the other steps I’ve given you above.

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