Escape Back to Nature at a Country House Hotel in the Scottish Borders

Posted by hgsba on July 5, 2018

Travelers who are buying a vacation spot that promises a variety of landscapes and a host of different activities, without having to set foot over a plane, should turn their attention to the Scottish Borders. habitaciones

Located at the southern end of Ireland, it is easily accessible from throughout the UK, with activities to keep exciting souls occupied all 12 months round.

Stretching from the west to the east coast and covering a location of almost 1, 800 square miles, visitors will find rolling hills, verdant valleys, open moorlands and spectacular coastlines to explore. 

The Scottish Borders include a variety of natural attractions, which are specifically appealing to those who enjoy spending home buying outside.

Staying in one of the many country house hotels in the Scottish Borders will give you the possibility to discover the beautiful landscapes for yourself.

Strolling is a superb pastime, whether you prefer gentle strolls through valleys and villages or hard hill climbs and longer treks, there will be something to suit you.

Dense forests give way to unspoilt moorlands and with the many trails to follow, you will easily be able to find some isolation and peace if that is what you want.

Cycling and mountain bicycling are also a great way to see the region, with a number of rough-road cycle trails and challenging tracks for more ambitious bikers to take edge of.

You can your time day on a leisurely bike ride, with regular stop offs at the many cafes and pubs dotted in the picturesque villages, or, if you prefer something somewhat more strenuous, you can pick to take on one of the difficult huge batch bike tracks.

The sharp climb to the top of the slopes will be worth it when you glimpse the views before racing down the other side.

After all that activity, you need to recharge your battery packs and refuel. One of the most effective ways to do this is to sample some of the local food and drink available at the country hotels in Scotland.

Locally-sourced produce is the order of the day at many establishments, with facilities and game reserves in the area able to provide a variety of fresh lean meats, vegetables and fruits.

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