Electrical Maintenance – Optimising Safety and Excellence

Posted by hgsba on April 30, 2018

Dealing with electricity belongs to the category of potentially high risk jobs. Governments sanction various legislatures to ensure safety of personnel and eliminate potential risks to the very least amount. Electrical maintenance jobs can go wrong any little, so prior laws are set out to establish requirements for electrical protection in relation to use and design of equipments also to set up prerequisite standards regarding who can work with electricity and how to hold on with the job. رقم صيانة جنرال اليكتريك

For personnel who have been long enough for this kind of job, power maintenance becomes a regular and ordinary day-to-day activity that many tend to forget the hazards involved. This kind of has a bigger influence on younger staff since modern tools in electricity has become far more complicated, and sometimes, for want of work, they tend to accept jobs without former trainings or ample knowledge of the groundwork. Mainly because electricity is a lot a part of everyday life, the salient risks are often ignored. 

Competence of the job is another prevailing issue in electric maintenance. Competence should be defined in conditions of sufficient training, long years of experience to meet the criteria and skills base to depend on. A good illustration of the requirement of competence in the job is the car accident involving a 17 month old electrical apprentice called Tim Martin. Tim was under the supervision of his electrical contractor who had more than 20 years experience in the electrical field. Their job was to service symptoms of fast food sequence outlets across Queensland, and it was supposed to be a relatively safe job since signs are separate from the key electricity. It absolutely was expected to be an ordinary day for an electrical maintenance job.

Hazards in this job are not restricted to electrocution from the key source of power only. While in the case of Tim Martin, he was assigned to climb up an elevated work program without proper supervision perhaps since it was considered to be safe and easy assignment. If someone was able to point out the risk of the platform’s position, Harry wouldn’t have used the electrical current energising the large aluminium rod having been transporting to the site. If he got comprehensive experience in the sort of work he was doing, he could have expected that the rod would come in contact with the high voltage electricity lines. Tim’s death could have been prevented if supervision was available.

Fatalities resulting to electrical-related tragedies accumulate each year across Australia to an scary quantity. It is often noticed that quite a significant enlargement of the number of unlicensed and uninsured technicians have been conducting power maintenance job in various properties and establishments, and the increase of this populace has alarmed government regulators and insurance agencies. A business establishment or any type of company employing an unlicensed and uninsured contractor has higher the liability risks for almost any untoward injuries that could happen. This kind of is a good caution for all business and company owners. Keep away incompetent and unlicensed electric powered contractors from your doorsteps to avoid problems and liabilities in the future.

Trojan TechGroup understands how accident liabilities could influence businesses big or small. As a fully accredited and insured contractor with eighteen years in the field of electrical maintenance, The group values protection of all its personnel without compromising quality and excellence of services. Tim’s death was a good example for all technicians in the business exhibiting how failure of communication and irresponsible supervision could cause harm to life and properties. Trojan TechGroup has a team dedicated and intuitive personnel that will solve your electrical problems in an efficient, fast and reliable manner without risking any comes from the process.

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