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Posted by hgsba on August 24, 2018

Nowadays, technology and education are quite inter-related. Practically every teacher has some favorite technology tools that he / she use to involve the students in the lecture. With the advancements in the field of technology, the educational tools are also constantly evolving along with the addition of some better functionality and features. Therefore, it is hard for a teacher to remain updated with the technology and utilize the most useful and hottest tools. The educational tools can be characterized into various categories. Here, a few of these tools will be discussed. fusionex founder

Technology Peripheral Equipment:
– Cloud Computing
– Social media Equipment
– Web 2. zero Tools
– Classroom Tutorial Media

Cloud Computing:
Impair Computing uses the central remote servers and Net in order to store the applications and data. Generally, the word ‘cloud computing’ can be used for anything that provides the hosted services all over the Universe Wide Web. It permits the individuals to gain access to their data and treasured files from anywhere just with an Internet interconnection. This technology provides very effective computing by by using a centralized data storage, band width and processing. The most common example of impair computing is Hotmail, Googlemail, Yahoo mail and so on. You can use the assistance just by linking to the Internet.

Currently, many businesses are offering ‘virtual storage space’ which is a form of cloud computing. The students may use this technology in order to maintain their important information. This could allow them to access their required information from the Internet even in the situations of data loss from their hardware devices.

Online community Tools:
With the rapid prevalence in our daily life, institutes still hesitate to use the social networks as an educational tool. There is certainly a variety of social media tools that can be used to make better yet and more interactive environment in the classrooms. These tools permit the teachers to employ students in inventive ways by stimulating discussion and encouraging collaboration even among some soft-spoken students.

Diverse social networking tools own distinct features. For example, Symbaloo provides the class room resources management for the teachers. EDU 2. zero provides the course management system and teachers are able to share the quizzes, experiments, assignments, videos, lesson plans and other contents in a distributed folder. Another tool Edublogs is quite similar to WordPress blogging platform and it only supports the educational content. Moreover, you will find a sizable amount of other social marketing tools that are at present employed by the teachers and offers various different features and functionalities.

Web 2. 0 Tools:
Web 2. 0 tools provide a simple way of sharing, working together, editing and resulting in the online content produced by users. The educators and students do not have to download and install they and they can effortlessly learn them within minutes. For example, Video Tools allow the user to integrate the useful videos into distributed presentations and projects. Subsequent, Presentation Tools make it easier for the students and teachers to revise, create, upload and promote their presentations. Moreover, Cell Tools support quizzes, running a blog, podcasting and media writing etc. The use of these interesting applications in your mobile phones can make it an efficient educating tool. Furthermore, Community Equipment supply a way for educators and students to show their work.

Classroom Tutorial Media:
The classroom tutorial media includes audio, online video and graphics services. These kinds of services are provided by the highly skilled co-ordination department and they are responsible to train the faculty members for functioning media-equipped lecture rooms, maintain media-equipment in the spiel rooms and produce tutorial material.

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