Dutch Oven Cleaning the Easy Way

Posted by hgsba on August 27, 2018

It really is that time of 12 months again- summer -which of course includes swimming, walking and CAMPING! For our family camping includes traditional Dutch oven cooking. Great tasting BBQ chicken, roasted carrots and of course peach cobbler (we can’t ignore the dessert! ) oven cleaning in Hoddesdon

While I was getting all the camping gear in preparation for our approaching trip I was absolutely horrified with the condition of my dutch stoves. RUST and lots of computer. I couldn’t believe it, I thought I acquired cleaned out the stoves and seasoned them previous year before we push them away- apparently not. They will looked horrible and smelled like rancid oil. 

Oh yea the rust! The inside, the outdoors, everywhere, all the areas rust, rust, corrosion. My hubby was heading to kill me! We debated whether or not I had plenty of time to run out and buy new ones and season them before he received home- oh and We would have to find the exact same kind. I knew I would personally never make it.

So when I went online to determine how to correct my mistake (it is a fairly easy mistake to make you know) the only ideas I found were to get some steel made of woll and scrub or use lye-based rust remover chemicals. Scrubbing with steel made of woll didn’t exactly appeal to me, and neither do tasting nasty chemicals.

I seriously wanted to protect my family from ingesting corrosion as a seasoning and I knew chemical flavoured peach cobbler had not been heading to go over well with my kids. And so I thought perhaps you should use my Sargent Steam- it works on everything different. I grabbed my machine, attached the nozzle to the final, put a 2″ stiff brush on and covered it with a scrub bud. I have never seen rust go away so quickly or easily!

The whole cleaning process only took me about 20 minutes with very little effort. That also included getting all the cooking with charcoal briquettes and carbon film off the bottom that would normally blacken the snooze of my camping equipment. I had plenty of time to re-season the ovens and my husband was totally oblivious. In fact, this individual even complimented me on what a congrats I got done putting them away last year (ha)

Plus the best part was how good everything tasted-no tainted musty fusty frouzy seasoning or rust flavor. Honestly this method was as easy as it was amazing. I can add this success to the long set of things only my Sargent can handle and why I rely on it for EVERYTHING!

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