Clason’s “The Richest Man in Babylon” Reveals the Fastest Way to Become Financially Savvy – Part 1

Posted by hgsba on July 10, 2018

George Clason’s book “The Most wealthy Man in Babylon” discloses the most effective way to be financially savvy. It works today because money is governed today by the same laws that handled it when prosperous men thronged the streets of Babylon 6, 000 years ago. licensed moneylender

This is a synopsis of The Richest Man in Babylon and the key financial lessons it teaches:

A self-employed chariot builder becomes discouraged when, after years of hard work, this individual realizes that he will never become rich. This individual labors hard to build the finest chariots in the land, soft-heartedly wanting that some day the Gods will recognize his worthy deeds, and give after him great success. 

He now realizes that the Gods could give a love the work on his excellent chariots. This individual longs to be a man of means, and have the lifestyle of the richest man in Babylon, who was a childhood friend.

He confers with his best good friend, a musician, who will remind him that it can be not enough to have a fats wallet, as a people’s wealth is not in the wallet he provides, must be fat wallet quickly empties if there be no golden stream to refill it.

The chariot builder decides to are up against the richest man in Babylon, who he recognized in the youth, and learn how he became so rich.

The chariot builder shares his lament with the richest man in Babylon, with the knowledge that both he and the most wealthy man in Babylon were once equal, played the same games in child years, studied under the same masters, had equal expertise and ability, and proved helpful just as hard; now he works just as hard but his the child years companion has become the richest man in Babylon, while he still challenges.

The rich man acknowledgement, “If you never have obtained more than a bare existence in the years since i was teenagers, it is because you either have failed to learn the laws that govern the building of wealth, or else you do not observe them. ”

The richest man then explains that this individual had learned how to become rich from a moneylender, for whom this individual had provided something in exchange for the moneylender’s secret to success.

The moneylender said, “I found the road to riches while i decided that a part coming from all I gained was mine to keep, and so are you going to. inch

The money lender says the rich man, who had been then a scribe in the lounge of records, setting away one-tenth of all this individual earns as his part to keep.

A yr later the young scribe comes back to the moneylender, who asks him if he has retained a tenth of most this individual earned.

When the scribe replies yes, the moneylender asks him what this individual has done with it.

The scribe says this individual has given it to a bricklayer who was going to foreign gets to buy jewels, which he and the bricklayer would sell for revenue when he returned. The scribe ends up with nothing, as the bricklayer is sold worthless cup rather than fine gems.

“Every fool must learn”, says the money lender, “but why trust the ability of a bricklayer about jewels? Your savings are gone, ” continues the moneylender, “you have jerked up your wealth-tree by the roots. But flower another. Try again. And, this time, if you would probably have advice about gems, go to the special place merchant. “

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