Breakaway Park Homes For Sale in Cedar Park, Texas

Posted by hgsba on October 26, 2018

Depiction of Breakaway Park Homes

Breakaway Park land is found a short 15 minute drive from Austin in rural Cedar Park. Homes available to be purchased here are a nearby separation to supermarkets, malls, eateries, and other excitement settings. Homes sit on a normal of a one section of land lush part with loads of developing space for families and nature devotees. There are 75 homes situated in the network. Land here reaches from $399,000 to $1.6 million with home going in size from more than 2,500 square feet to around at least 6,000 square feet. Organizations that construct land of this network incorporate Cambridge Custom Homes, Parker Custom Homes, Acanthus Luxury Homes, Ewald Custom Homes. There are additionally accessible plots of land that can be utilized to custom form one’s very own place. Prescott Lakes homes

More about Breakaway Park Homes available to be purchased

The people group these Cedar Park homes are situated in is named after the narrative film Breakaway by movie producer Walter Yates who likewise arranged the network as an aeronautical withdraw from the hustle of the city. Yates invested years arranging the network and along these lines hunting down a perfect area to build up his vision. Yates taped all through the wild of Alaska and along these lines a large number of the road names which numerous habitations are situated on are names that are related with the Alaskan wild. This quality brings a specific appeal and uniqueness network that inhabitants can appreciate. The names incorporate Kenai Drive, Juneau Drive, Kodiak Trail, and Talkeetna Lane.

Comforts of Breakaway Park Real Estate

This people group offers a special Cedar Park home involvement with its nearness to the Breakaway Park Airport, a private airplane terminal with a three thousand foot runway which these homes are arranged around it with a considerable lot of the home situated on the airstrip itself. The air terminal gives landing space along holders which can guard one’s plane from the components. While not every one of the living arrangements of these homes are pilots, numerous social exercises spin around the air terminal, for example, network grills and airshows, which furnish a fun family stimulation with one’s neighbors. The roughly 50% of home living arrangements can get to focal Texas through air travel.

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