Biographies and Scrapbooking – Our Attempts to Capture the Past

Posted by hgsba on July 10, 2018

In the beginning you may think of biographies and scrapbooking as 2 completely different things but as a fan of both I really know what turns my passion for both. Biographies are the medical data of someone’s life, though usually they are really in written form in biography catalogs they can be used word versions like those on music books. A lot of can even be made into film. How many Elvis Presley movies maybe you have seen? They are usually authorized by the subject matter of the book which is for the most part backed up by some sort of documentation. The unauthorized ones don’t necessarily have regress to something easier and may at times appear to be works of fiction. Celebrity Net Worth

Scrapbooking is the gathering of pictures, news stories and written accounts of significant events in one’s life. When ever people think of tidbit books they could think of their children because so many mothers are given scrapbooking albums to use for documenting their children’s first year of life. Those memories tend to be the most special and generally the most fleeting. 

Consequently as you can observe biographies and scrapbooking must do with protecting our memories. If you look at the best seller lists in the biographies parts of bookstores you will often find movie stars like Jimmy Stewart or Natalie Wooden. For anyone who is film buff like I am you can appreciate how an actor or actress or actress can determine a time. By reading about them you get closer to reliving time. Other biographies center around great historical figures like Abraham Lincoln or Albert Einstein. We wish to watch how people with apparently ordinary beginnings like you and I can go on to accomplish great things.

Though scrapbooking is not typically regarded as the traditional biography imagine what would be like to have a scrapbook totally dedicated to all the top situations in the life of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Some of you may debate that this has already been done by the interweaving of photographs in biographical literature.

With the advances in technology today scrapbooking your family history is becoming a complete media event. On-line scrapbooking services exist that allow you to add photos, videos and audios to timelines of occasions in your family’s life. The true fan of biographies will also be able to benefit from these advances where the producer of your biography will be able to interweave video, documents, interviews and other music to bring to life a wealthier representation of what journal are all about.

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