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Posted by hgsba on May 11, 2018

This is certainly quite appalling and demonstrates both franchisors and franchisee attorneys should stand up and take notice; but this is not simply a franchise business issue, it is a tiny business concern. All small business people are subjected to this and maybe harassed. Compartments of Commerce across this country signup their newcomers with public trust, yet this is being mistreated by another organization the BBB. I was also told today by this sales person in La that 9 out of 10 calls coming into the BBB were consumers looking for references of businesses for service or products. Also this is an exaggeration and mendacity (lie). If you call any BBB the responding to machine usually states; “If you desire to make a grievance press 1… ” Presently there is no reference to getting a reference and certainly few incoming cell phone calls cause new business for its business members. 1 of the benefits you receive is instant reliability from the buyer, yet the organization issuing the seal of approval of approval lacks believability and ethics of it can own.

Also of serious concern is the simple fact that although you may join the BBB and appear in the BBB phone e book they produce in some markets, if you are disreputable you remain in print for the rest of the year. And therefore we have the BBB promoting disreputable businesses for as much as 12 months. If someone files a complaint against your company whether real or imaginary (trying to get free stuff) you must settle the said complaint before you can renew, once again extortion.

I feel these sales techniques are fraudulent and disreputable. I am also worried about the “Boomerang” shutting techniques when the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU sales rep gets a negative response to join. “We will not be able to tell the people who call us that you are a reputable company. ” Implying that the consumer will presume the opposite, that you are disreputable company. This kind of in itself maybe good for BBB sales, but it is an extortion technique. I’ve heard this extortion technique myself many times and phrased many different ways all-leading to the same tactic. Requesting small companies to pay over $300 plus us dollars is unnecessary and they will receive little if any benefit for their BBB membership. Perhaps the plaque displayed may be of value to customers in a store, however the way in which they attempt to promote it is deceitful.

The BBB works carefully with the FTC and after contacting the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU to make an issue they told me I actually was wrong, and this We did not really know what We were speaking about and that the BBB would never do such a thing? Which is also mendacity since I have experienced it first hand. Once I told them that I might have to contact the FTC in this matter, they said go-ahead knowing potency and efficacy in alliance with the us government

The BBB preys on small businesses of all types as well as franchised businesses for membership using these techniques. We called the FTC as well and in addition they would not take the grievance. Perhaps this is because they work with the BBB in secretly using entrapment techniques to get franchisors to make unsubstantiated earnings claims. The FTC has additionally worked with the BBB to catch dispenses of various systems in consumer fraud such as automobile repair, advertising boasts and telemarketing techniques. And so for this reason the FTC will not do anything about this concern.

The BBB is above the law. They often sit to possible members to make sales, meanwhile harm franchisors using entrapment techniques from the inside while preying after franchisees to prove self worth along with other agencies in the media and also use extortion tactics to earn a living for membership fees. Envision the money they have extracted from all the franchise systems with this country. Just imagine the quantity of small enterprises who are struggling right now to make payroll as cash flow has lessened anticipated to monetary forces past their control. Over 10% of all Americans own some form of small business and can be subjected to these terrorizing and extortion sales tactics. Most franchisors have sufficient franchisees that are members of the BBB; this costs dispenses each year and slashes into the profits of the franchised units. We certainly have put this line of text in our operation agreement:

5. 1 You might not exactly join the Better Organization Bureau as a business member as part this franchise with us.

We are serious about this issue, having been humiliated to by BBB associates for the last five years now when I actually called to see if things had changed. We were stuck on by the BBB in California D. C. when We called to discuss this matter. The FTC will not whatever it takes about it for fear of losing a partner. In the event the FTC is not going to look into this, why do we need an FTC or a BBB?

My spouse and i have received several e-mail from concerned business owners, for instance, Bob writes: “That’s really interesting, isn’t it? One government bureaucracy is using what
is “supposed” to be a free-market entity to do the dirty work that they
themselves don’t have the Constitutional backing to do to begin with.
Then, by not holding the BBB liable for its fraudulent techniques, it is
basically expressing to them, “you are a brother government organization – one people -,
free to terrorize anyone you want”. “I always thought that the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU was basically a private organization that served as a watchdog, with a membership of companies that could self-police. Apparently, I had been wrong. ”

This is a nationwide problem not simply a few rouge sales people in a sole part of the country or one of the BBBs 128 locations. In Atlanta Mr. Lee creates: “It’s not merely with dispenses…. We get calls at our company stores in Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, and Birmingham with the exact same sales hype “blah… we’ve been getting a lot of calls about your company from your prospects, and don’t really know what to tell them because you’re not listed with us.. ” “It seems like a total fraud. I often feel stongarmed by them. Do you mind if I reveal your email with our attorney? ”

Others are also concerned with problems, iCop Founder writes: “You certainly don’t need to persuade me! I know first hand that everything most likely reported here is true. I have personally received the same treatment from the BBB in California. We had to threaten to sue those to get them to stop calling with the threats and being a nuisance. A few years in the past, when I a new complaint about one with their big name “sponsors” who ripped me off to the tune of several hundred dollars, the only response from the BBB was, “They said they didn’t so it. ” This in revenge of the fact i had sent them incontrovertible proof! What is incorrect with THIS picture?! inches “Unfortunately, I have no idea that anything can ever be done regarding it. They are protected by the us government – as you have previously found out. We did write a number of articles on it a few of years ago. Probably it’s time to rerun them! Apparently, the only thing we can do is educate people and warn them.
Pretty much like the Mafia making you pay for safety under threat, eh? Nevertheless then when Quest is listed as one of their corporate sponsors, you have to know something’s very wrong! Sorry we can’t be more help but it’s way too big a bad deal for iCop! When a government backed company like the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU acts like nothing more than thugs, it’s hard to be surprised at situations like Enron and Worldcom. ”

But which is not all the smallest of small enterprise also have been harassed, Greg Spunk writes about this from San Diego and an office now in Phoenix: “We have never signed up with the BBB in either the Phoenix or San Diego locations for similar reasons. You just tested the things i already felt was happening. They will are of no value to us and we never have missed them. inch

In Pittsburg a tiny maker writes in to all of us and says: “The same thing to me. “someone is calling about your business and we not necessarily able to tell them anything since you usually are a member…. It had been $465 dollars to join, plus they called and called and called. I declined since I didn’t see the point. “

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