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Getting the Right Information about Cannabis Settlements

on October 17, 2018 with No Comments

If your cannabis business has had trouble collecting funds from customers, there is a chance that you may have had to reach a settlement. There are some instances in which a settlement is the best choice. However, you will need to have correct information about the settlement process so that your company can get through the process as efficiently as possible. This includes having the right lawyers on your team to handle litigation on a civil and administrative level.


One of the examples you may want to refer to is the case involving the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). The organization had the task of enforcing and implementing the rules for the state concerning recreational marijuana. The OLCC conducts inspections of marijuana licenses at random. If there are any violations, a charging document is given to the cannabis business. This sometimes happens months after the inspection. The OLCC practice has also led some Oregon cannabis companies to come to settlements. The settlements will allow the businesses to continue functioning and servicing customers.


If a cannabis company gets a charging document, the company administrators should read over the violation. This will help business owners come up with a practical settlement plan. The cannabis company has the option to waive the right to hearing a pay, a discounted fine, or receive a suspension for a reduced amount of time. Or, the cannabis company can arrange an administrative hearing. Some companies also choose to simply pay the entire fine or serve the full suspension. If the letter indicates that the company has committed a Category I violation, the licensee has the option of requesting a hearing or giving up his/her license.


It is important to know what the choices are when it comes to a cannabis settlement. If you own a cannabis company, talk over your options with your team. For instance, if you can afford to pay the fine to end a pending settlement, this may be the best option. After all, paying the fine will prevent your company from being closed down. This allows you to continue providing customer service and making a profit. If you don’t have the money to take care of the fine right away, talk with the current administrators for your state. They will show you how to cut the cost of your fees by adhering to specific regulations and rules.


Settlements can also be quicker and easier if you have qualified cannabis lawyers to help get the job done. These lawyers can look through all the documents that have been served regarding the settlement to make sure you’re not missing anything. If there are any loopholes or additional options in the documents, the lawyers can point this out so that a settlement can be reached quicker. Cannabis attorneys can also represent your company in court if the settlement has to be taken care of with a presiding judge. Having a few informative interviews with the cannabis attorneys you’re considering can assist you in finding the right legal representation for your cannabis settlement case.

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on October 16, 2018 with No Comments

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on October 15, 2018 with No Comments

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on October 15, 2018 with No Comments

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on October 14, 2018 with No Comments

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