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BBM Vs. WhatsApp, Which One Is Better

on June 25, 2018 with No Comments

It is often long that everyone was eagerly awaited for the BBM. Now it is finally available for Android os and iOS or i phone users. Even though there are numerous messaging services available but apparently BBM has a strong competition against WhatsApp. Then i want to compare these two and find out what kind is better. GBWhatsapp

BBM for level of privacy

In the event you are aiming at something that is more private then BBM is the right choice for you. As you opt for this service, you’re going to be by using a unique PIN by which you can get in touch with your contacts. This kind of means that unless a buddy has accepted your ask for you will not be able to contact through BBM. 

If you see it different then it seems a hassle as when you use WhatsApp you are easily holding all on your phonebook. It is as simple as sending a concept to another user.

Get in touch with grid

BBM seems to have an improved contact main grid as compared to WhatsApp. Here you have a few chosen people to speak with. However, with WhatsApp you should have all on your contact grid. The common factor with the chitchat messengers appears to be adding your close friends and family. You can create a list on your BBM or create Favorites in your WhatsApp.

Message Delivery

We have a distinct way these two software behave when it comes to communication delivery notification or notifies regarding it.

WhatsApp notifications you when an consumer is on the internet and their last seen time. With BBM, you are not equipped such information but you will still know when another is available or busy according to their current status.

For many who like online and last seen they can opt for WhatsApp, as the information is often accurate.

BBM may differ in the approach towards message delivery; you will get an R for read receipt and M for delivery status. WhatsApp gives you single tick for message sent and double for delivery.

To get WhatsApp users they will only know if their message was read in respect to last login time or last seen time of another user.

BBM offers you with an option of PING just like poke on Fb this feature makes it possible to nudge another user.


The emoticon preference differs in both the messaging services but it boils down to your individual choice.

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