6 Steps to Drive Visitors to Your eBay Shop – Promote eBay Business

Posted by hgsba on June 5, 2018

Should you be serious about making money on eBay you need to have an auction web sites shop. This provides you with you your own unique URL that you can use to market and promote your online business. mirror wall mount

Here are 6 easy ways to promote your web business (eBay store).

1) Search engine optimization: eBay Retailers do reply to searches made outside of eBay, on Google or Yahoo. Employing key words and terms inside your Shop which will be triggered when someone keys in similar words on major search engines away from eBay. 

2) Mention Your Shop in Auction and get It Nowadays Listings: Promote some products at Auction and Acquire It Now to drive traffic to your Store.

*Use low auction starting prices, with no book, to encourage more people to open your list and read about your Shop.

*Mention your Store in auction titles, sub-title, in your descriptions, on clickable links taking site visitors to your eBay Store or ‘About Me’ site.

3) Cross-Promote Your Goods. Cross promotion works alternatively like Featured Categories, as in the last idea, but in this circumstance, usually at the lower part of your listing, you display specific products which you think will most interest current visitors.

craigs list automatically cross-promotes your goods that you are free to change without notice.

Thus you can promote t shirts and ties inside a listing for suits and set the system to avoid cross-promoting with items you consider less interesting to current visitors.

4) ‘About Me’ Page: Everybody should have an ‘About Me’ page. Your ‘About Me’ page means what it says, and really to tell people about yourself and your business. Having your own publication and sending email offers represents one of the easiest, cheapest – usually free – ways of building customer loyalty and producing a regular, do it again buying database of certified customers. There’s actually far more your ‘About Me’ web site can do to develop your and brand your business

5) Write or Publish Articles, Reports, Tutorials: One of the best and cheapest ways to promote eBay shop or any online business, absolutely anything, is by writing articles, guides and reviews and having them viewed in a prominent place or distributed to people representing your target audience.

* There’s nothing difficult about writing articles, studies and guides, and We recommend you view other people’s work and review their techniques of writing to attract people to visit their web sites and eBay listings.

6) Promote your online businesses and offline:

* Marketplace your eBay Shop web address – website address – anywhere legally possible on the world wide web.

* Add your Shop url as a signature file in all outgoing emails.

* Go to Forums, leave your Store url for those considering your products.

Use eBay’s own forum particularly when you specialize in goods for other eBay sellers, such as packing materials, stationery, and so forth.

* Promote your amazon Shop url – site address – off the Internet. They are simply a small few of the ways to achieve this:

Tiny advertisements in gossip content, newspapers, flyers locally, letterheads, front and back of envelopes, business cards, playing cards in shop and post office windows… cards on supermarket notice boards, Bills, mouse mats, publicity at tradeshows, telephone answer machine messages, shipping labels, articles, free books, freebies, enhances slips… etc.

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