3 Best SEO Plugins for Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers

Posted by hgsba on February 28, 2018

Nowadays more than ever, SEO is so closely related to the live web that real-time actions and accurate, precise measurements of web analytics is needed.

Blog farms and after this the infamous “autoblog” — spitting out other people’s article for cheap traffic — cave in to misleading analytics metrics and deceptive web stats. Today’s Net marketing professional needs tools that are easily accessible, accurate, and reliable. seo analysis tool

As a result of a burgeoning popularity of open-source development, application programmers have been able to turn out several impressive SEO and web stats tools that can be used in order to page list, backlink information, site health statistics, and on-page stats — all right from the safety of your selected open-source browser: Google Chromium and Mozilla Firefox. 

#3 – SEO & Internet site Analysis (Firefox and Chrome)

The title of this SEO plugin is known to as “SEO & Website Analysis” on both the Google-chrome Extension Photo gallery and the Addons for Firefox directory. But it can even be sometimes called “SEO Report” (Chrome) or “SEO WooRank” (Firefox).

Whatever their title, this powerful little extension sure packs an SEO punch by providing very deep on-site SEO and website analytics for just about any given website.

As a tool for rapid on-site analytics tracking, it does indeed a great job. Following installation, you simply click on the WooRank icon that looks on your browser’s consumer panel to see a full SEO analysis of the website you are going to.

#2 – SearchStatus (Firefox)

Touted by many web developers and SEO specialists as “the must-have Chrome addon for SEO, inches SearchStatus is an alexa plugin extension for Firefox and SeaMonkey. SearchStatus allows you to see how any every website in the world is performing.

Designed for the highly dedicated needs of search engine marketers, Search Status provides intensive search-related information about a site, all ideally displayed in a solitary discreet and compact alexa tool.

For each site you visit, SearchStatus gives you a simple visual layout of: Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, Be competitive. com ranking, SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo!, and BING. This search-related information means you can view not only the link importance of a website (according to Google and Linkscape), but also its traffic importance (according to Alexand Compete). This provides you with a well-balanced view of site efficacy.

Most useful features:

Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and Compete. contendo Rank toolbars for each and every web page you visit
Highlight from it links, access any web page matatags with one click, view the link record and robots. txt info
Search Google and see your history and Yahoo suggestions
Displays all widely available information about a site’s domain owner, contact details, expiry dates, and so forth
Analyze the density of any key word in any blog. SearchStatus breaks the analysis down into Title tag, body, H1/H3 tags etc therefore you can optimize it considerably more easily.
Link reporting: Quickly monitor the links to any website. You will also see information classified into external links, interior links, no follow, and practically every link unbekannte a SEO web professional will need
#1 – SEO Quake (Chrome and Firefox)

SeoQuake is a powerful browser addon for Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo Chrome. Its goal is to help browser users to obtain real-time site information such as site rank, backlinks, and other important SEO parameters on the fly.

I individually use SeoQuake on a daily basis. From day 1, I found it easy to use, reliable (doesn’t crash my internet browser and works like a charm), and very exact. Three excellent qualities for any SEO browser wordpress plugin.

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